Super Glue 2 Pack 3g

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Super Glue 2X3G.

Warning: Bonds Skin And Eyes In Seconds.

Directions For Use: Ensure Surfaces Are Clean And Dry. Pierce The End Of The Tub With Inverted Cap. Hold Tube Upright And Do Not Squeeze Whilst Piercing. Screw The Nozzle Back On Tightly. Lightly Squeeze The Centre Of The Tube Until Glue Is Discharged. Apply A Thin Layer Of Super Glue To One Surface Only. Hold Firm Together Until Set (Approx. 60 Seconds), Final Strength Will Be Attained After 24 Hours. Replace Cap Immediately After Use.

Any Excess Glue, Whilst Moist Can Be Removed With Methylated Spirits. When Dry, The Glue Can Be Removed Using Acetone Or Nail Polish Remover.